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Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

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image by James Turner

Time to spend and energy to burn? Then lace up your boots and head out to explore Kenilworth on one of our (new for 2021) dedicated trails. There are options for all tastes from nature to history and more.

The perfect way to spend a morning, afternoon or even a whole day together!

Discover the Kenilworth Trails...

Each of the trails below is a circular walk taking you around Kenilworth on pavements and footpaths. Each does feature some off-road sections that can be muddy in winter or after heavy rain so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Several of the walks do feature gates or stiles on the routes, so if in doubt of access provision, please view the maps in the pdf versions before embarking on a trail.

The mobile trail versions linked below (if available) provide a deeper experience to the pdf leaflets, these open in a minimal interface designed for mobile devices and feature navigational aids as well as links to much deeper content on key themes of each trail point.

Abbey Lake by Benjamin Arnold

Nature Trail

In just a few steps you’ll leave the bustle behind and find yourself swept away in tranquillity, peace and fresh air. Discover the green legacy of our natural heritage, that’s lovingly managed today, just the ticket for a memorable day together. It also offers lots of variety throughout the seasons, so there’s no reason not to stretch your legs!

Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

Heritage Trail

Kenilworth IS heritage, its name synonymous with history and stories. But this is a story worth telling, a story that includes monumental occurrences, triumphs as well as tragedies and an insight into everyday life, all weaved into the very stones of this town. So join us for an easy stroll to explore the highlights!

Kenilworth Castle by Matthew Sugars Photography

Castle & Abbey Trail

Uncover the monumental tale behind Kenilworth’s greatest treasures! A tale of love, death, triumph and tragedy all played out across the ruined stones of the Castle and the Abbey. Uncover the truth, shatter myths and enjoy a journey through some of the greatest moments of Kenilworth’s history.

Great Heart Sunset by Helen Dearing

Romantic Nature Trail

Discover the Green Heart of our natural heritage on a circular walk through the remnants of the Forest of Arden highlighting the romantic story of Elizabeth 1 and Lord Robert Dudley plus the natural landscape, flora and wildlife. The walk is about 3 miles long and takes roughly 2 hours, depending on how much wildlife spotting you do. It’s mainly easy…

image by Jonathan Corbett Photography

Mystery of the Abbey

Ready for a challenge? If puzzle solving, code cracking and riddle wrangling are your thing then saddle up for an interactive stroll through the story of Kenilworth's lost Abbey. This 2 mile clue based trail will test your powers of deduction over about 2-3 hours, but all you will need is a smartphone, pen and paper and an inquisitive mind.…

Find more trails and walks

This 112 page book contains twenty-six walks,  and is THE “go-to” guide to exploring further from the town! Walks  mostly start from pubs and are between 1½ to 8 miles in length. Copies are available at various outlets throughout Kenilworth or can be ordered from the KFPG website.

Produced by the The Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group, this short walk explores Old Kenilworth and Abbey Fields interpreting the building materials and geology you will see.

A walk around Abbey Fields and the High Street exploring locations and places of interest connected to the Great War. Compiled by Susan Tall and Robin leach, more information can be found at the War Memorial website.

A further walk, designed for families and schools exploring Kenilworth as it was during WW1 . Compiled by Susan Tall and Robin leach, more information can be found at the War Memorial website.