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All Saints Church, Leek Wootton

All Saints Church

Category:  Heritage

The parish church of All Saints at Leek Wootton was built during the Imperial period on the site of a Medieval church. A church has stood on or near the present site since the year 1122, maybe even longer, and was possibly preceded by a pagan temple. Little is known of the old Saxon/Norman church as it was pulled down in 1790 and all that now remains are some parts of the tower, a 12th Century tapered circular font, some mediaeval tiles and a 14th Century bell. At the demolition of the old church, a rope was tied round the ‘spire’ and the boys of the parish pulled it down. They were allowed to take part in the demolition of the church so that the memory of the event would not be lost when the new church was finished.

All Saints has a beautiful tree lined avenue of limes, some of the 74 trees first planted in the mid-19th century by various members of the parish who were encouraged by the Vicar at the time to support their church and churchyard and that to subscribe to a tree would “carry down your names to your Children & Children’s Children“.