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Category:  Produce & Food

Crustum is an artisan bakery on Priory Road, close to Kenilworth’s modern town. We’re open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday plus we operate an order and collect system.
We have been baking great bread since 2011. We’re not a high street baker and we don’t have loads of frozen loaves hidden away ready to pull out as if by magic. We bake all our bread on the day, from dough made by hand.

All the usual suspects that we bake week in, week out include the Windrush White, Cotswold Crunch, wholemeal, focaccia, Charlecote and sourdough. Some appear on different days but you can be guaranteed they’ll be in the oven at some point.

We also bake Rockies every Wednesday (a cross between a rock cake and a scone), Chelsea Buns every Friday and Saturday, and a wide variety of cakes each day.
Our weekly specials started out with a few regular rotations but soon turned into all sorts of the weird and the wonderful – sweet breads, spicy breads, bread with holes in, bread with knots in…all sorts.

We also run courses for those who want to know more about how to bake the perfect cake! We share our secret recipes and techniques to make some of the signature cakes and cookies we sell at the bakery. You’ll go home laden with sweet treats and new skills. Bring a pinny and everything else will be provided – all ingredients, equipment and refreshments, plus you take home all you bake …perfect for afternoon tea.

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3 Priory RoadKenilworth,CV8 1LL Show phone number