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image by James Turner

Kenilworth Clock Tower

Category:  Heritage

image by James Turner
image by Benjamin Arnold
image © Arden Guesthouse

At the head of Warwick Road by Abbey End stands the Kenilworth Clock Tower, on the site of a much earlier market cross. George Marshall Turner, a wealthy local businessman and benefactor to the town, funded the construction of the clock tower in memory of his wife. The finished clock tower was unveiled in January 1906 and was passed on to Kenilworth council. The surrounding buildings, including the Globe Hotel, were destroyed in the blitz of November 1940. The upper part of the clock was deemed unsafe and had to be pulled down using the local fire ladder.
The continued existence of the clock tower was by no means assured, despite its status as a local landmark. Even the Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society was split over its future, however, the clock tower was ultimately restored. In 1973 the stone crown was reinstated and in 1974 a local blacksmith constructed a replacement weather vane.

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