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Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

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Kenilworth Common by Jonathan Corbett Photography

Kenilworth Common

Category:  Parks & Countryside

Kenilworth Common by Jonathan Corbett Photography
Kenilworth Common by Jonathan Corbett Photography
Greenway at the Common by James Turner
Kenilworth Common by Sue Steward

Now a Local Nature Reserve managed by the WWT, Kenilworth Common has a long history traced back to its creation in 1756. Back then it offered rough grazing land and was covered with heathland and acidic grassland. There were no more grazing cattle after the 1800’s and oak and birch trees moved in, creating the 12 hectares of woodland we enjoy today.

Finham Brook babbles along the southern edge of the reserve where you might see the spectacular kingfisher and brown trout. The reserve still has remnants of heathland, now a rare habitat. There’s bracken and wavy hair-grass with broom and heath bedstraw, all further reminders of a habitat once common locally.

Gorse and heather grow outside the reserve on undisturbed slopes where slow-worm and common lizards have been observed. Spring flowers colour the woodland floor and summer welcomes fairytale glow-worms. In autumn a range of fungi appear including amethyst deceiver, ugly milkcap and fly agaric, whilst a crisp winter visit provides clear viewing of colourful finches, tits and jays.

Have fun while exploring the reserve and try the brass rubbing trail. There are two routes to follow, both starting just off Common Lane. There is no dedicated car park but you can park in the local area.