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Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

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Trip Type: Couples

Castle Hill by James Turner

There’s a couple of key rules for a day together enjoying Kenilworth, savour the moment and take inspiration from some of the great romances that have graced our story. In that vein there’s no need to start early, in fact kick off you day with a leisurely brunch! You’ll find fantastic options at Pomeroy’s or […]

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Kenilworth may appear as just your average small historic town, but scratch the surface and you’ll discover a vibrant, eclectic and passionate arts scene as well as some great ideas and options for those of an arty and crafty bent. So, lets kick things off and plan your day over a steaming coffee! We’re big […]

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You just can’t rely on the weather, but that doesn’t have to make YOUR day in Kenilworth a wash-out! If the heavens are open then why not enjoy an easy breakfast? You won’t go wrong with coffee and pastries at the Forrest Coffee House centrally located in Abbey End (although there’s plenty of other options too!). […]

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