image by Jonathan Corbett Photography

Ready for a challenge? If puzzle solving, code cracking and riddle wrangling are your thing then saddle up for an interactive stroll through the story of Kenilworth’s lost Abbey. This 2 mile clue based trail will test your powers of deduction over about 2-3 hours, but all you will need is a smartphone, pen and paper and an inquisitive mind.

The trail links 13 points of interest. In each you are tasked with solving a puzzle (or puzzles) that revolve around something physical that’s written there. So, keep your eyes peeled for signs, plaques and panels. Each spot will also ask you to record a date (its important to do so!). You can enter this date at each page on this app for more on the place you are standing. If you get lost or need a clue, feel free to Google anything and you’ll also find hints and directions on each page (beware of spoilers however!).

Good luck and happy sleuthing!

Getting Started

Follow the lime tree avenue to the church then, with your back to the West door continue straight ahead on dirt path into churchyard. Follow the path around to the left to reach the Gatehouse.