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Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

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Snake head Fritillaries by Paul Fitzpatrick

The Great Outdoors

A day that’s all about fresh air, scenic open space, enjoying nature and getting lost (not literally!) in the tranquil green spaces of Kenilworth together.

Its not green but its best to start your day on the Warwick Road end of town for a few very good reasons! Firstly, swing by Kenilworth Books and grab yourself a copy of Kenilworth & Beyond Country Walks, a book packed with 26 routes taking you out into Kenilworth’s glorious countryside. We’d suggest repairing to the Forrest Coffee House (see what we did there?) for a caffeine hit whilst you plan your routes for the day. Finally, if you are of the picnic persuasion there are plenty of great options nearby to stock up on supplies.

Fully prepared? We’d recommend starting off with the Kenilworth Nature Trail, this 5 mile walk takes you through and around all the accessible green space within the town and helps you spot wildlife and understand the stories of each place. Following this route will take your through the lush green acres of Abbey Fields, the traditional hay meadow at Parliament Piece, the remnants of the Forest of Arden at Crackley Wood, along the repurposed railway of the Kenilworth Greenway and back into town via the sunken lanes of Kenilworth Common and leafy banks of the Finham Brook. For a family day out make sure to download the activity sheets for Crackley Wood (also usable in Kenilworth Common) and bring some paper and crayons for the brass rubbing trails!

Phew, time for a break! If a picnic isn’t for you then as you leave the Common you’ll past the Engine Inn, a great little place for a tipple and sustenance! Otherwise if you have your own supplies its tough to beat a picnic in Abbey Fields on a sunny day, we’d recommend the grassy slope adjacent to Forrest road for the views!

If you’ve rested up then you have a choice to make. If the legs are still willing we’d recommend using the Kenilworth & Beyond Country Walks and following route P out to Meer End, there are fabulous views of Kenilworth Castle and some gorgeous rolling countryside and woodland on the way to The Tipperary Inn (originally owned by one half of the duo who wrote the notable wartime marching song), a fantastic spot with great views from its beer garden. Alternatively, following Route R in reverse for less than two miles brings you through quiet countryside to Faerie Tale Farm, home to Kenilworth’s Alpacas!  If you have pre-booked you’ll be able to enjoy a exceedingly instagrammable 2 hour experience, including taking an Alpaca for a walk! Family-run Roundshill Farm, nearby on Rouncil Lane offers a more traditional one hour “meet and greet” with their farm animals. Either way its cracking way to spend an afternoon!

We’ll be honest by the time you retrace your steps to Kenilworth you’ll probably be bushed so we’ll make the evening easy on you. Opposite the Castle try Time for Tea or Harringtons on The Hill, or, if you’re in the Town Centre snag an outdoor table at either The Almanack or Lil Greens in Abbey End for some al fresco gastro and an exceedingly short stumble across the road could see you enjoying some great beer to live music at the Ale Rooms.

The best part? You’ll still have some 24 more options for walks next time you visit!