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New Kenilworth Treasure Hunt

New Treasure Hunt – Kenilworth’s Da Vinci Code

If, like us you’ve recently enjoyed the trend of  escape rooms, cryptography games and even puzzles like Wordle, then Kenilworth has a treat for you! We’ve been working hard over the last few months on our own treasure hunt puzzle trail, allowing you to exercise your brains as well as your feet as you explore! The new trail “Mystery of the Abbey” walks you through the story of one of Kenilworth’s great attractions, whilst testing you with riddles, puzzles, codes and ciphers all linked to the town and its history.  You can check it out at the Trails page.

How does a Kenilworth treasure hunt work?

The trail links 13 points of interest. In each you are tasked with solving a puzzle (or puzzles) that revolve around something physical that’s written there. You’ll be searching for signs, plaques and panels, learning about the history of the abbey and thinking laterally to uncover your next destination!   Each puzzle also rewards you with new additional information about where you are standing, simply enter the answer in mobile version to reveal more!

Can you get lost or stuck?

Possibly (but not really)! We’ve designed this to have a fair bit of challenge (but its not that tough). However we’ve built in hints and walking directions into the mobile version (hidden behind spoiler buttons). You can even reveal the solutions if you get really stuck – although let’s be honest, where’s the fun in that? Bottom-line it will certainly make you think and give you a good two-three hours of fun doing so.

What sort of puzzles are we talking about?

Sorry, that’s classified! In all seriousness though its a mixture. Without giving the game away, there are plenty of riddles, a whole selection of codes needing to be cracked (including some rather famous ciphers) and plenty of observational challenges. There’s a number of particularly tricky puzzles in there, but just think of the sense of accomplishment when you crack them!

If you would like a flavour of the kind of puzzles we are employing then you could also check out; Boxentriq, Brainzilla or even the book The Paper Labyrinth (all really testing!)

So what is the mystery then?

There are plenty of mysteries relating to Kenilworth’s Abbey, and plenty that people either are unaware of or overlook. This is just another way of experiencing that story, unravelling some of the threads of mystery surrounding it and helping more people understand Kenilworth’s history. Unfortunately we’d spoil things if we said any more…

So, if you ever fancied yourself as a budding Sherlock Holmes or Robert Landon then why not join us on a Kenilworth treasure Hunt and put your sleuthing skills to the test?

Grab the Mystery of the Abbey from our Trails page, and if you have any issues or feedback there is a dedicated form too!

Good luck and happy sleuthing!



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