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Kenilworth Castle © English Heritage

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Kenilworth Mobile Heritage Trail

Mobile Visit Kenilworth Heritage Trail is live

Another mobile Kenilworth Trail is ready!

Following on from the Nature Trail, we have been hard at work digging deeper into Kenilworth’s heritage to expand on the printed copy of the heritage trail. The new Kenilworth mobile heritage trail will take you further and show you more,, helping to uncover the Kenilworth story.

What is a Mobile Trail?

These mobile trails include the same route and take you to the same great places as the paper versions. But they also allow us to add more detail and provide you with more information and interpretation as you go. Each point of interest features extra, optional content.  We have also added in lots of external links to useful resources and sites where you can find out more about any subject.

You’ll also be able to locate yourself on a dynamic google map (so there’s no excuse to get lost!) as well as easily grab a copy of the trail leaflet as a .pdf file if you prefer static instructions. Its all wrapped in a minimalist mobile-ready webpage template, so there’s no additional downloading or extra apps required. In fact the whole trail is the equivalent of just browsing a few web pages!

OK, so what’s on the heritage trail?

Want to see what the Castle looked like in 1575? Or perhaps you are a bit confused about the various characters participating in the siege of 1266? Or you want some more information on what actually happened on the night of 21st November 1940? Or maybe just a recipe for Godcakes? We’ve included all this and much, much more. The Kenilworth Mobile Heritage Trail really does help you easily follow the story as you travel around the town.

We are still adding new ideas!

As before we are still working on these, so expect some new and exciting additions over the next few months! And we haven’t forgotten about the Castle and Abbey Trail either!

If you do spot an issue or a problem whilst using them then please report it. We’ll action every issue that comes in. You can do so with this form (which you can also access on the information button in the trails themselves!

You can access the new Visit Kenilworth Mobile Trails experience on the main trails page at:

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