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Picnic in Abbey Fields

Picnics in Kenilworth – the best spots!

Summer’s here, or nearly here, and with the weather cooperating, its the perfect time for some al fresco dining! Picnic’s are (in our mind at least) one of the highlights of summer, and a picnic in Kenilworth is real treat for those of you who enjoy a lazy lunch under the sun. Given the amount of green space just a stone’s throw from the town centre that should come as no real surprise, but there are some really spectacular spots to settle down in and some amazing food and drink to take with you.

Sourcing your provisions

Of course you could just head to a supermarket (you’ll find several nearby), but let’s be a little more adventurous! For some brilliant fresh produce try F Weetham & sons Farm Shop, Simply Fresh or Joe Richards. For bread based treats you won’t go wrong with Crustum (or Andrew Davies or The Bakers Dozen if you aren’t buying in advance). And of course if its a Thursday then swing by the weekly market in Abbey End.

There’s also plenty of great deli’s offering ready made food to take away. Our favourites are Deli on the Hill for the street food, or for a sweeter tooth, the cakes at  Time for Tea are fabulous. At the Warwick Road end of things, Forrest Coffee House, Coffee on the Corner and The Modern Kitchen also have great treats to take away. The Picnic Basket is your go-to for sandwiches  And there is nothing wrong with swinging past any one of Kenilworth’s takeaways (it might be frowned on in some circles but who says picnic can’t come with chips, be cooked in a balti or sport a stone baked crust?).

Location, location, location

With the sustencence sorted, the big decision beckons, where to take all those yummy treats? Check out the ideas below (with coordinates) for your Kenilworth picnic.

First, and most obvious, there’s Abbey Fields, a green oasis right in the heart of town! Our top picks would be the grassy slope close to Forrest Road (lovely views!) or the grassy area just north of the lake and adjacent to the Gatehouse (top spot for bird-watching high and dry above the lake). Although you’ll also find some picnic tables in front of the Abbey Museum.

However if views are your thing then you can’t beat a view of Kenilworth Castle. If you are following the Castle & Abbey Trail then stop number 2 is right on the money, with a great view across the mere. Further along that walk you’ll also find The Pleasance, its interesting, grassy and about as far from noise and traffic as you could ever wish to be! Finally you’ll loop back to the bottom field below the castle and another amazing spot for a breather and a bite to eat.

More adventurous spots

If peace and tranquillity appeal then we’d also recommend checking out Parliament Piece, particularly the northern side nearest Upper Spring Lane where you have a fair chance of spotting Kestrels whilst you eat. If you happen to be in Kenilworth Common, there’s a little clearing to the south of the railway in the Lower Common (a remnant of heathland and a lovely spot despite the occasional train passing by).

Finally, it doesn’t get as much love as the other reserves but Knowle Hill is just perfect for a picnic, particularly a late afternoon one with the sun shining over the grassy slopes.

It goes without saying to follow the Countryside Code, take all your rubbish home with you and leave all these spaces as lovely as you found them!

Not into picnics?

Frankly we’re surprised you read this far, but of course you could just head to the pub instead, and we’ll let you in on a secret….Kenilworth has you covered there too, but that’s a story for next time!

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